Alumni Spotlight: Kate Armstrong ’14

…my BAIS thesis challenged me to consider collaborative approaches to current public health systems.

I am Kate Armstrong, a proud Alumni of the International Studies Department at the University of San Francisco! As a pre-medical student, I have been taught how to understand the tools needed to diagnose, and hopefully, cure the disease. But I want to do more than cure the disease, I want to prevent it. Based on this passion, I made the decision to not only learn what is going on inside the body, but to become globally aware of the many possibilities that may cause a person to suffer. That same decision resulted in me switching my major to International Studies, which has lead me to some incredible opportunities in post-grad life.

Kate Armstrong
Recently, I have been accepted into a fellowship program through an amazing organization, Mama Hope. Mama Hope is a nonprofit that trains impact entrepreneurs from around the world and partners them with visionary leaders in developing countries. Together, they fund and build community-identified sustainable projects using local resources that help lift communities out of poverty. The knowledge I gained from required BAIS courses lead me to seek out organizations as sustainable and considerate as Mama Hope. For instance, my BAIS thesis challenged me to consider collaborative approaches to current public health systems. This holistic perspective was why I have been given the responsibility to create a public health and sexual education curriculum for one of Mama Hope’s partners, Flying Kites School and Orphanage. I am finally getting the chance to not only cure, but prevent future suffering.

Thank you USF, and most definitely, the BAIS team! I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained while on my way to impacting real change in communities and beyond.


(Compelled by Kate’s journey? Consider supporting her work by clicking here!)


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