Alumni Spotlight: Adanma Osakwe, MAIS ’11

Adanma Osakwe is a 2011 graduate from the Master of Arts in International Studies program. As a Nigerian-American growing up in Switzerland and attending high school at the International School of Geneva and college at the University of Massachusetts, Adanma brought a unique perspective to the classroom. Here’s a snapshot of where she’s taken her MAIS degree:

“During my time at MAIS, I completed several internships that significantly enhanced my work in the classroom. Those internships include: the San Francisco Human Rights Commission working in discrimination investigations to support fairness in housing and employment; the United States Trademark and Patent Office where I worked in the Office of the Chief Economist assembling cost-benefit analysis on copyright term extensions for the USA and Asia-Pacific; the Whitaker Group, a ThinkTank with a focus on US Foreign Investment in Africa and the impact of the African Growth and Opportunity Act; and the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in Geneva where I worked on the impact of a growing Chinese presence on sustainable development and multilateral trade in Africa. My time at ICTSD supported my MAIS Dissertation project The New Scramble for Africa and Chinese engagements in the Niger Delta.

I worked from 2012-2015 at Northrop Grumman Corporation as an International Trade and Compliance Analyst in Woodland Hills, California. In this role, I learned to develop and execute the export authorization process and management of licenses and agreements on the LN-100 Global Positioning System and the Scalable Space Inertial Reference Unit to ensure compliance with US policy on International Trade in Arms.  

Beginning in March 2016, I’ll start as a Copper Cap Intern / Contract Specialist with the US Air Force stationed at the Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. In this role, I will negotiate and administer US Air Force contracts, with particular attention to compliance of contract obligations, liaise with commercial representatives to discuss procurement needs and ensure best practices in contract execution.”


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