Discussion of African political issues: Promoting an African agenda at USF

The African Union Club at USF is a student association that brings together all USF students interested in the political, social and economic issues on the African continent. The association was officially approved as a graduate organization during the 2017 fall semester. The organization is open to all USF students, without distinction of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation. At USF, there are more than 100 different student clubs open to all students who look to develop skills, get involved and meet new people. One of the primary goals of the African Union Club is to encourage and foster intellectual debates on the social, economic and political challenges of the African continent. Following this logic, they will be launching the program “Let’s Talk Africa”. The goal of this program is to host a series of talks about contemporary political topics that make the news on the African continent. For this purpose, the club is looking for faculty members interested in sharing their opinions on these topics.
For the official launch of its activities, the African Union Club at USF is organizing a conversation on Human Rights in migration processes in Sub-Saharan Africa. This conversation is organized following the discovery of the exploitation of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Libya in November 2017. What is the role of states in migration processes in Sub-Saharan Africa? How can losses of lives and human rights violations be avoided in these processes? These and more questions will be addressed during the conversation. 
It counts on the participation of Professor Jeffrey Paller, advisor of the association and who specializes in African politics, and Professor Lindsay Gifford, who specializes in migration and refugee questions. 
Join fellow students for this great opportunity to discuss recent events in Africa.
February 22 at 11:45 am, Conference Room 501, the University Center at USF.